Our Service

We provide professional IT services and solutions for SMEs, help you enhance the IT efficiency and reduce the management cost.

IT Outsourcing Service

PcFree has accumulated more than 12 years of IT maintenance service experience with the world’s top 500 enterprises and other international companies; we work closely with our customers andprovide commercial, flexible solutions to helpbetter manage their IT environment.

New Office Solution/Office Relocation

With many years of experience in new office IT infrastructure set-up, PcFree offers a rich portfolio of office IT system build-up solutions, and helps to standardize your IT management. We create a customized strategy for relocating your business and IT assets.

Virtualization Solution

Virtualization is a resource management technology that create a virtual version of the computer's various physical resources (such as servers, network, memory and storage, etc,).It breaksthe non cutting barriers of the physical structure , so that enterprises can make better use of these hardware resources.

Enterprise Information Security Service

Viruses, Trojan horses, and all kinds of cyber attacks are threatening the company information security system. By many years of experiences in servicing multinational companies, PcFree come up with a set of feasible information security solutions.

Wireless Coverage Service

PcFree has many years of experience in wireless coverage solutions, including offceWiFi coverage, shopping malls wireless coverage, hotel wireless coverage. We also introduce Cloud wireless management security solutions sincemore and more users pay much attention to the wireless security.

Enterprise Email Service

Depending on your business capacity, PcFree will find you the most suitable enterprise email service to ensure a smooth running of your business.

Customer evaluation

PcFree takes partner selection very seriously, we work closely with many global key technology partners. With a sound understanding of these technologies, we look into your needs in each development stage, provide the most suitable solutions and products. Save your fortune by using our integrated procurement service.

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